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Peking Opera The Legend of Xiao He

Peking Opera The Legend of Xiao He

In Shanghai, the Tianchan Yifu Stage is presenting the Peking Opera production "The Legend of Xiao He". The play was first created only six years ago. And the current production has undergone extensive revision in hopes to become part of the National Stage Classic Program.

"The Legend of Xiao He" is mounted by the Shanghai Peking Opera Theater. Leading the cast are Chen Shaoyun and An Ping. Both of them are nationally renowned performers.

The story is set in the chaotic times of late Qin Dynasty, when military leaders around China were vying for control of the crumbling empire. At its debut in 2004, The Legend of Xiao He won wide acclaim for its plot design, music, and choreography. In the years since, the play has become popular across China.

In spite of its past success, the current production has undergone another round of rigorous revision. The plot and script were made more concise; the stage sets and costumes were also made more elaborate.

After two performances in Shanghai, the show will go to Shenzhen to contend for the 9th China Arts Festival Award. Also, this revised version will be entered to become part of the 2010 National Stage Classic Program, a project operated by the Culture Ministry of China.

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