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Cantonese Opera Bai Jie Tong Xin

Emperor Zhongshan Xudong's wife Liang Yi, in case that she lost favor for not having son, exchanged her daughter for a boy. She made a mark on her daughter's shoulder and named the boy Xu Tianbao.

Eighteen years later, the son of a Duke Chang Ming wanted to keep the singer Bai Liying by force and killed her father. Xu Tianbao saved Liying. He kept her at a house in case that Chang Ming would retaliate. The two fell in love with each other and decided to marry. Tianbao's mother disliked Liying because she lived in a poor family. Tianbao's mother wanted to scold and beat her but found the mark by chance. At that time, the emperor wanted to keep Tianbao as his son-in-law. Tianbao loved liying and alienated the princess. The angry princess wanted to kill liying and Tianbao saved liying and beat the princess.

Quju Opera Shi Yuzhuo Pictures 5/10

Quju Opera Shi Yuzhuo Pictures 5/10,Chinese Opera Pictures,Chinese Opera stage photo

Chinese Opera stage photo - Quju Opera Shi Yuzhuo Pictures 5/10

Qinqiang Opera Singer Li Mei

Qinqiang Opera Singer Li Mei

Qinqiang is a thousand-year-old operatic genre originating in China's inland northwestern region. It has established a venerable tradition as an "opera shouted out" with its bold, resounding arias. Li Mei has established a reputation as one of the four greatest Qinqiang actresses. She's breathed a very feminine sensibility into the masculine tradition. She's also known for her passionate commitment to exploring the theatrical possibilities offered by Qinqiang, is always more than happy to improvise and experiment.



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